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Easy to lay turf grass, straight from the grower

Looking for a reliable turf grass supplier? Do you want to create a wonderful green lawn or a top quality sports field? Topgazon is here to help you. Every day, we harvest fresh grass turf rolls directly from our Dutch fields and deliver them to your doorstep in the Netherlands or anywhere else in Germany or the Benelux!

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Topgazon’s grass turf rolls

A unique way to make your surroundings greener

Why settle for asphalt, brick or gravel when you can have lush green grass all around you? Our grass turf rolls make installing a superb green lawn easier than ever. At affordable prices, you can now surround yourself with the best that nature has to offer. Easy to lay and straightforward to maintain. Order today and make your surroundings a little greener in a matter of weeks!

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What’s so special about our turf grass?

Topgazon brings top quality, green lawn turf to businesses and private individuals throughout the Netherlands. And beyond! Our grass turf rolls are easy to lay and provide you with a ready-to-use lawn or field in no time. We invest a lot of time and energy in our turf grass: this way, we can make sure you’re working with the freshest, high quality turf available. It gets a decent amount of time to grow, before it is harvested and shipped to you. By harvesting shortly before dispatch, we make sure our lawn turf gets to you in excellent condition.

No plastic mesh, just grass

Many growers use plastic mesh to enhance their grass rolls: it allows them to harvest their grass turf rolls sooner and grow more volumes a year. The quality of these grass rolls is, however, questionable. At Topgazon, we know it takes time to grow a quality product. And we are more than happy to invest the needed time and attention into your new grass!

Therefore, we have banned the use of plastic netting completely and offer you grass rolls that have been grown 100% naturally. We say no to the use of microplastics in our soil.

Specifics of our grass turf rolls

lawn turf
lawn turf

How can our grass turf rolls be applied?

Our grass turf rolls are the perfect base for a variety of landscaping projects. Whether you want to create an inviting green lawn around your commercial property, or want to use them for your client’s backyard or a sports field; at Topgazon, you’ll always buy fresh and healthy grass plants that will last you a lifetime.

The life cycle of our turf grass

How do we make sure that our turf grass stays as green as it is in our Dutch fields in Drenthe? Turning lawn turf into grass turf rolls can do a lot of harm to the quality and health of grass plants. This is why at Topgazon, we give our turf grass at least 11 months to grow. Some varieties even get 13 to 14 months. By this time, the roots will be developed fully and will be able to support your lawn turf as it is transported to your property.

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